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All month long, Chica & the Bald Guy have been delving in to the paranormal history of the Shreveport / Bossier City area - and boy, is there a lot of it!  From the world famous (and famously haunted) Shreveport Municipal Auditorium, to the Caddo Parish courthouse in downtown Shreveport and beyond - we've got a lot of ghost stories!

Unfortunately, we are too scared to go and check these places out for ourselves, so we enlisted an honest-to-goodness paranormal expert to help us get to the bottom of it all.

Author Elizabeth Godfrey has made quite the name for herself writing in the paranormal romance genre, and to make sure she gets the otherworldly details right - she has investigated some of Shreveport's spookiest spots.  She joined us on the show to, once and for all, separate the actual hauntings from campfire tales.

Some of the rumors are confirmed, some are dispelled, and a few places we didn't even know about were revealed!  You can listen to the entire interview below, but be warned!  If you get scared easily, you might want to turn on all of the lights first!

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