Netflix announced they had a new Tocumentary, and now I believe that the tacos in Shreveport/Bossier deserve their own type of love. I thought I could fit in all the highest rated tacos in Shreveport/Bossier, but after 4 stops, I had to extend my Taco Tour to a week-long affair. I'm not mad about it either!

Check out the 4 tacos I tried after several people recommended them. There is no discrimination allowed. I must try every single taco recommended. Can we start a Go Fund Me for my Taco Tour? It's getting expensive.


  • Krystal Montez


    I tried the Shrimp Carebenos recommended by Rachel H. Onion, pineapple, and shrimp make for a unique taco. I was told by the girl behind the bar that I should have ordered the shrimp bacon tacos instead. The tacos I ordered were okay, normally I don't order seafood tacos, so I guess I should have wor. I'll definitely try the shrimp bacon ones the next time I visit.

  • Krystal Montez

    Don Juanz Baja Beach Tacos

    Hope B. recommended the Mexi Cheez Steak Tacos. Pretty sure the crew left off half the steak after charging $5 per taco... I won't order this taco next time.

  • Krystal Montez

    Ki Mexico

    The Gringa Taco. My boyfriend calls it the lasagna taco, its cheezy goodness with delicious shredded pork. It's worth every single penny.

  • Krystal Montez

    Taqueria San Miguel

    My last stop, probably the best stop. Shana L. and Sharon P. both told me that I needed to try this Barksdale favorite. The Campechana taco, it comes on a homemade corn tortilla and it's chorizo and carne asada with cilantro and onions. It makes for the best taco I have had since I moved to Bossier.