The popular dating site Plenty of Fish is now prohibiting potential love matches of deceiving each other. Why lie, I have used filters several times. Sometimes I am not wearing makeup and I refuse to go put makeup on just for a photo. However, there are those people who just take it to the next level. I have met women in person who looked NOTHING like their Facebook profile pictures.

Krystal Montez
Krystal Montez

Plenty of Fish polled their members and 70% of them felt that filters in profile pictures are deceptive. 52% of users asked for the filtered photos to be banned. The thought is that with less filtered photos, fewer people can deceive potential love matches. 23% of people polled added that using a filter makes you seem insecure and 16% said it makes you seem superficial.

Now if only we could get to require users to be honest about their hobbies and income. Did you know 34% of users on Plenty of Fish lie about their income? What if we have peoples credit score next to them instead of their age? Just a thought Plenty of Fish.


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