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I love food. Absolutely love it. And it always breaks my heart when I see a restaurant close. And when it comes to 'hidden gem' restaurants in town, this will be missed greatly.

Jabez & Jabes Hibachi Steakhouse in Shreveport is Closing

According to a Facebook post from Jabez & Jabes, their days on serving up some of the best sushi and hibachi foods are numbered. According to their heart felt post, after 8 years of service to the community, the restaurant will be shutting down for good. The restaurant thanks the community for their support and says that every customer they've had will be truly missed.

You can read the full post for yourself below:

You've Never Been to Jabez & Jabes in Shreveport?

Look if you haven't been yet, you better go now before it's too late. As their post states, they will be closing their doors for good on December 23rd. And I'm here to tell you that their food is GOOD! Like...really good! And you don't have to believe me. Below are a couple of review from Google. These are just two examples from a list of glowing reviews:

Really good sushi, hibachi, and bento. The staff was pleasant. It's a smaller, more intimate restaurant so probably good for dates but also relaxed enough for family dinners. I've eaten here 3 times and have never been disappointed... Don't expect a hibachi show but do expect delicious hibachi. Prices are good and helpings are large.


looks like a little hole in the wall place, but the food is AMAZING! staff is friendly and work quickly. I ordered my favorite: steak fried rice with yum yum sauce (MOST appropriately named) and an order of fried dumplings and it was enough to eat for 2 meals. will always love this place!

Jabez & Jabes may be closing their doors for good, but we still have enough time to enjoy their delicious eats & treats before they're gone forever.

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