Have you ever wanted to be rich?  I've tried the whole "poor as dirt" thing, and I think I might give being loaded a try.

Tonight, the Powerball Lottery is up to $403 million dollars.  That would be a good start for my "rich enough to justify being a jerk" fund.  I am a "cash option kind of guy," which would leave me just $244 Million for the lump sum payment.  I've done the math, and if I'm willing to settle for discount yachts and bargain bin Cristal - I can eek by on the money.  I'll probably have to get a part time job though.

If you are a penny pincher, maybe you will opt to get the 20, yearly payments of around $20 million a piece.  It's been a while wince someone in Louisiana has won the Jackpot, but about 47 folks in the Bayou State have won the $1 million prize since 1995.  Either way, if you win at all - you can start buying the fancy ramen noodles!

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