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Princeton, Louisiana is tiny. In fact, most people, even lifelong locals, don't know where it is. I grew up in Haughton and I wasn't even aware we had a town called Princeton right in the middle of it until I was an adult. After all, the old Princeton Post Office was finally torn down a few years ago and now the big landmark is Beaux's Sporting Goods with their huge and really, really brightly lit sign. Even then, most people just think it's a road as opposed to a town of almost 4,000.

I say all of this as a resident of Princeton. I thought I knew about all of the peccadillos of the area residents but nothing can prepare you for finding out you have a child predator in your midst. You don't mess with kids, the elderly, or fuzzy puppies. That's a rule. Unfortunately, Dalton Dull didn't get the memo.

Dalton Dull, 21, of Princeton, LA was arrested this afternoon for possession of child sex abuse videos of children between the ages of toddler to pre-pubescent. He was charged with three counts of Pornography involving Juveniles and is being held at Bossier Max. His bond is pending. Authorities expect additional charges as they continue to investigate this matter and go through Dull's electronic devices.

Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington said in a statement, that 'The sad reality is this type of criminal behavior is happening all over our country. Bossier Parish is certainly not unique to these types of crimes, but we are fortunate here at the Bossier Sheriff’s Office to have a team of detectives specifically trained with state-of-the-art forensic technology to investigate these cases, find these criminals, and put them behind bars.'

Sadly, the Sheriff is right. This does happen everywhere. You just don't expect it to happen in your own backyard.


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