Ray J's claim to fame is that he hit "it" first, with the "it" being Kim Kardashian and her va-jay-jay. (Or is it va-Ray-J?)

The rapper is capitalizing on the fact that the two of them got famous on the back of their sex tape, her more so than him. We can understand that he feels entitled to some residual riches and that it's his turn to make the cash registers go ka-ching, but we're not sure this song or video is the way to make that happen.

The video celebrates opulence -- a private jet, Rolls-Royces and a sexed-up Kimmy K. lookalike.

Perhaps Ray's cruising for a legal bruising and a lawsuit. Or perhaps everyone needs to lighten up and realize he's making light of the sitch, given the grin he throws at the camera as he watches Kim hounded by paparazzi on E! in the last frame.

Oh, who cares. We'll just wait for Kim's baby daddy Kanye West to issue his responsorial diss track.

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