So I'm guessing she won't be giving her driver a good review...

Shreveport, we're still pretty new to the Uber world. Let's all make a promise to each other that we will never, ever, under any circumstance, act like this woman.

I have to imagine being an Uber driver (or cab or Lyft) is an incredibly difficult job. You deal with strangers all day long, and these strangers are typically in a hurry to get to wherever they're going. 99,9999% of them are incredibly nice, I'm sure, but it's that small minority that ruins it for everybody.

A new viral video shows a very unhappy woman literally throw a can full of beer at her Uber driver. Fortunately, the woman has terrible aim and it missed the driver and came crashing down on his dashboard.

She then stormed out of the car screaming F-Bombs.

Don't ever be this woman!


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