March 17, 2011

Rihanna has a new man, plus things may be looking up for Lindsay Lohan and Reese Witherspoon's big day... Find all this and more in today's Hizziewood Hizzle!!!

Rihanna has a new man! They met when they were both guests on a British TV show and they are taking things to the next level! Colin Farrell and Rihanna were spotted out to dinner together at Giorgio Baldi in LA. They came separately and left separately as to not be caught by photographers! A friend of Colin's says that Colin was taken aback by some of the texts Rihanna sent him, but he reckons he might well try it out since they are both single. He's supposedly even introduced his 2 sons to her!

More details are coming out about the end of Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's relationship. It turns out that talk of marriage on Jessica's part from very early on was what made Justin run for the hills. A friend has revealed that Mila Kunis wasn't the reason, it was every girl. Justin has wanted out of the relationship for the last 2 years and even told a friend, "I'm miserable". He would never admit to cheating even though everyone knew he did many times. He finally told Jessica that she wasn't the one he wanted to marry and she's very torn up about it. Justin's way to get other girls was to have his male friends get numbers and then set him up on secret rendez-vous with the ladies.

A huge mistake on the part of the jewelry store where Lindsay supposedly stole that necklace, might lead to a reduced or non-existent sentence. The store has been shopping a book deal based on the single incident. Prosecutors are shocked and freaking out about where to go from here. The publicist for Kamofie & Co. contacted a literary agent and said they wanted a book deal. The agent told the store that the theft was not worthy of a book deal and it was a story better fit for The Enquirer. Lindsay is looking better and better.

Reese Witherspoon is busy making the final preparations for her big day which is set for March 26th at her enormous Ojai Valley estate. Reese bought the home that's more of a ranch, for 7 million dollars a couple years ago and feels that it's the perfect location for her big day. Reese and her agent fiancee Jim Toth both attend church regularly and intend on having a rather traditional ceremony. She has selected a Monique L'huillier gown and has selected white and pastel flowers to be everywhere. Surprisingly, she has hired the same wedding planner that Charlie Sheen used when he walked down the aisle with Brooke Mueller. However the wedding will be very intimate with only 100 guests.