The guy was so mad, you would think he was stuck on Youree Drive for a few hours.

This actually happened in Philadelphia, a city that's known to have some of the nicest, most calm individuals around... Actually, no, the place is known for having idiots like this.

Some guy was obviously PISSED about something that happened on the roadways. So mad, in fact, that he followed the driver he was mad at, into a parking lot, and blocked him in. Then, things went from bad to FREAKING INSANE. The guy gets out of his pickup, and starts smashing the other guy's car with a sledge-hammer.

No, it doesn't end there...

Once the sledge started flying around, the driver attempted to flee the scene, somehow shooting his own passenger out of the car. The passenger gets up, limping badly, and begins to make his way back to the car.

The sledge guy then hits him in the shoulder, with no hesitation.

You have to see this.


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