Valeria Lukyanova, the Russian Barbie, has gone to painstaking lengths to make herself the human equivalent of the beloved children’s toy. Whether or not the Kremlin is involved in this idea has yet to be discovered.

According to some, the American benchmark for a woman’s physical appearance is the Barbie Doll. Whether you agree with that or not is up to you but leave it to the Russians to try and be the first to actually achieve such a lofty and seemingly unrealistic goal. We might have beaten them to space, but they are gonna kill us in the “women that look like plastic dolls” category. Thank God JFK isn’t alive to see it happen.

The Russian Barbie is beautiful, in her own way, and all of her Facebook photos hammer home that point. We can’t sit and stare at them all (well, we could, but our thoughts soon creep into places we don’t like to visit) but we thought it best to just pick the hottest Facebook pictures of Valeria Lukyanova and post them for all to enjoy.

Please enjoy these photos of the Russian Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova, a true living doll. Some assembly required. Batteries not included.