I know you're completely shocked to find out that a recent study finds that Saints fans are the biggest drinkers of any team in the NFL. I mean, after this past Monday night's game, how could we not be?

Being a Saints fan has never for the faint of heart. Whether it's the early days of paper bag wearing, the almost good enough Jim Mora seasons or the post-Katrina Drew Brees and Sean Payton era of winning, it takes alcohol to pull it off.

The crew over at alcohol.org have crunched the numbers, and they report Saints fans drink the most with an average of four-and-a-half drinks per day on game day.

From nola.com -

Saints' fans drink an average of four-and-a-half drinks per day on game day. Those same fans consume three drinks per day on non-game days. So in summary, Saints fans drink 54.4 percent more on days when their team is playing than days when they are not playing. On the other end of the spectrum, fans of the Indianapolis Colts are the most sober fans in the league. Oddly, Colts' fans drink more on non-game days (2.5) than game days (2), although I'm sure that wasn't the case during the preseason game when they found out quarterback Andrew Luck was retiring.


When it comes to drinking on game day, Raiders fans actually tie the Who Dat Nation with four-and-a-half drinks. The thing is, we drink more all of the other days of the week, so that puts us on top.

You can read more over at alcohol.org.

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