Now that Sara Leal has gotten to tell her side of the story, she just won’t quit talking about it! Of course, Sara is the 22-year-old girl that slept with the very married Ashton Kutcher last month on his 6th wedding anniversary. And she’s been giving different details to any media outlet that wants to hear her story. She detailed about how they were intimate, twice, and didn’t use any protection. What if she ends up pregnant? That would be such a slap in Demi Moore’s face since that’s the one thing she couldn’t give Ashton. Plus, we would never hear the end of this girl. Ashton must have been pretty loaded, because Sara told the Sun tabloid, "When we woke up, he opened up my robe. I asked him what he was doing and he said, 'Just checking. OK, I did good! You're really pretty.'"

Well now Ashton is facing a problem that he doesn’t want to deal with. Demi has been consulting with divorce lawyers even though he’s begging her to not file. He still hopes to save their marriage but Demi thinks this cheating scandal has been the biggest disgrace and she won’t be able to forgive him this time.

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