When we tell you that we are your ride or die, we mean it! Chica and the Bald Guy don't just hang out with you in the morning, we love making sure you're happy in all areas of your life. We don't claim to be experts on love. However, we will do our best to help you find closure or possibly get to the bottom of how your perfect date went wrong.  We don't pick sides, but we do give our opinion. Second date update is our way of helping you get closure or a second chance!

Ally from Shreveport swiped right on Greg. After several months of talking online, they decided to meet up. Unfortunately for Ally, she wasn't prepared for the crappy situation that completely turned off Greg. Greg claims he will give her a second chance, we aren't too convinced he's going to pick up the phone to text her back after our discovery. What did we learn from this? NEVER use detox pills before dates. We wish Ally and Greg the best!