We're not sure how, but no one was killed or injured in this freak accident.

A video has gone viral showing the unthinkable take place in Connecticut. A small plane came crashing down from the skies, hitting a tree, before coming to a stop.

Luckily, the plane itself was a very small, single engine airplane. The aircraft was only carrying one person, who was the pilot.

The video is truly insane for many reasons. The first is simply the sight of seeing a plane come down to quick, and smash a tree. Secondly, the pilot did not sustain  any serious injuries. He came away with just a fe bumps and scratches.

The plane comes crashing down, and smashes a tree.Afterwards, it spun a complete 180 degrees after the initial hit. It's remarkable that the plane didn't blow up, instead, it just crashed into the ground pretty hard.

Thankful no one was seriously injured.