William Daniel, Director of Shreveport's Department of Water and Sewer, updates the condition of the city's aging water system and addresses the number of pipe blowouts around the city.

Sources told KEEL News that between four and six pipe breaks occurred this weekend across Shreveport, including one Monday morning near the intersection of Flourney Lucas and Bert Kouns in west Shreveport.

And KEEL Received this video Monday morning of a break on Dudley Drive.

"We think there was a water hammer event, which is from a valve closing too rapidly or a pump shutting off too quickly," says the Director, "We have a lot of old pipes so when you get a pressure surge like that, it finds the weak spot and you get a blowout.

"I was told of about four, for sure, but I'm not a hundred percent. The crews respond and they fix it. Shreveport's very lucky. We have some very dedicated and vigilant crews and they work all hours to get it fixed."

And what exactly do the workers do to fix the break and what problems does one cause for area residents? "Everyone's different," Daniel says, "Sometimes we're able to valve off the break where we don't have to shut anybody off and sometimes we have to shut some people off for (two to four hours).

"The reason we get the geysers is we have a small hole that's under pressure, like putting your thumb over the end of the water hose."


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