Self-driving cars are a technological miracle.  The amount of computer wizardry that is packed into this marvel is truly astounding.  To re-create the many different senses and co-ordinate the movements necessary to operate a motorized vehicle is truly astounding!  It may be something we take for granted, but believe me - teaching a machine to operate another machine that has been designed for humans to operate is no small task.  Especially when that machine is a car, and mistakes can be quite deadly.

In the rush to achieve this monument, we didn't really prepare to live with it.  Now that it is obvious that not only will the research on the technology be complete sooner than expected, the vehicles will be in use by consumers across the globe as soon as it is.

Engadget reports that Texas lawmakers wanted to meet this challenge head on.  So, Governor Abbott signed a bill that outlines the laws and regulations regarding the autonomous vehicles.  According to the new rules, all self-driving cars must obey existing traffic laws and carry have the appropriate insurance. The robotic vehicles are also required to record video, and the manufacturer has to accept the responsibility in the event that things go wrong.

FYI, Louisiana is already on track to tackle this as well with House Bill 511.

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