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In the world of Major League Baseball, there's only two current players with ties to Shreveport-Bossier: Taijuan Walker & former Parkway Panther Seth Lugo. While Walker is signed to the Phillies, who are competing to be world champions, Lugo is currently a free agent.

Lugo was a long time New York Met, but decided to leave the franchise to pursue his desire to be a starting pitcher. He ultimately signed with the Padres. And while the team itself fell short of expectations, Lugo impressed as a full-time starter.

Where Will Seth Lugo End Up This Offseason

Lugo, like I said, had a pretty good year for his first as a full time starter. Lugo made 26 starts, posted a solid 3.57 ERA and won 8 games. While going 8-7 isn't exactly great, you also have to look at the Padres as a whole - who were the worst team in baseball in 1-run games and extra innings. My point - he pitched better than his record will have you believe. And while he's not exactly in the top end of the market like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery, Seth Lugo has a lot of teams interested in adding him to their rotations.

In fact, Lugo has been linked to several big name teams including a few potential World Series Contenders.

Breaking Down Seth Lugo's MLB Market

Several reports popped up during MLB's Winter Meetings that claimed several clubs were interested in adding Seth Lugo to their rotations. The teams: The Atlanta Braves, Arizona Diamondbacks, The Boston Red Sox and Cincinnati Reds. And these are just the teams we know are taking a look at him.

The Braves are arguably the best team in baseball. The Diamondbacks were just in the World Series, losing to the Texas Rangers. The Cincinnati Reds are an up and coming young team. And the Boston Red Sox are one of the most legendary franchises in baseball who are always looking to win now.

While Seth may not be an 'A Tier', front line starting pitcher like Cy Young Winner Blake Snell...he's going to have a LOT of teams interested in him. He's a good locker room guy. He proved last year he can be a full time starter. From his time with the Mets, teams know he can be super effective out of the bullpen if needed in high leverage situations in the post season. In short: he has a LOT of value. And, as the old baseball saying goes, every team needs starting pitching. Plus, he survived in New York...which a lot of players can't.

He can and will be an asset for any team in baseball.

What Will Seth Lugo's Contract Look Like?

There's plenty of websites that project these kind of things. He declined a $7.55 million player option from the Padres, so he's probably going to make more than. Several other veteran pitchers have signed short term deals in the $10-13 million dollar range. A lot of baseball experts project he'll get a 3 year deal between $30 & 42 million. He'll get good money and with the lack of quality starting pitching, he'll have plenty of suitors to choose from.

Where he ends up? We'll find out soon enough. He could be a fit in Baltimore, Detroit and any number of places. But, due to the amount of teams in need of pitching, he's in a position to pick the team best suited to him and his needs. Which is never a bad place to be.

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