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Shaq's Super Bowl Party Will Donate All Proceeds to Kobe's Charity

After a difficult decision on what to do with the upcoming game day after the loss of Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal asked himself what Kobe would wnt.  The answer was that he would want them to push through and celebrate life. Shaq's Friday Super Bowl bash donated everything it brought in to the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation, which was established in 2007 to help youth and families globally. (via TMZ)

A Messy Room Can Ruin Your Sex Life

In a series of surveys, men and women were asked about who has more clutter and how messes can even kill the mood.  51% of women and 35% of men believe that a messy room was a mood killer. Partners were found to be not too enthusiastic about telling each other to clean up, even though a quick tidy up or storage unit could solve a mess of problems. (via Storage World)

Wait, How Many Balls Are Used During the Super Bowl?

Did you know that during a typical Super Bowl nearly 120 balls are used? Some other interesting Super Bowl facts: During the week leading up to the game, players are lent cars so they can get around. Also, while tickets can get up to thousands of dollars these days, back in the day (circa 1967), tickets coast about $6. (via Reader's Digest)

What Super Bowl Snacks Are People Googling?

A collection of the most popular foods searched on Google across the country for game day settled on two main snacking categories: dip and meat. Shockingly, chicken wings didn't win the top spot, even though Americans are expected to devour 1.4 billion this Sunday. Meanwhile, the cocktail wiener reigns in as the top dog. Of course, all that food has to get washed down with some liquid... Plus, 19% of people have admitted they usually call in sick on Monday to recover from the night's fun. (via HuffPost)

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