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What You Do With Your Shopping Cart Says A Lot About You... 

When you go grocery shopping, what do you do with your cart after you're finished shopping? Do you leave it in the designated area, or do you leave it just about anywhere in the parking lot? According to countless Twitter users, if you don't return your cart to the proper location, you're super inconsiderate. (via Delish)

Loudest State In America, Revealed!

It looks like the East Coast is not the place to go for rest and relaxation! Based on population density data, as well as other factors, New Jersey is widely considered to be the loudest state in the United States. (via WPST)

Brad Pitt Spotted Helping Low Income Families in Los Angeles

Brad Pitt was recently spotted spending hours giving out groceries to low income families in the South Central L.A. housing project. People lined the streets as the 56-year-old actor unpacked, unloaded and handed out bags of essential groceries. An eye witness reported that Pitt worked for four hours straight, only stopping for one smoke break before going back into the fray. Pitt was apparently wearing a casual outfit and face mask, so some people didn't even recognize him! (via Daily Mail)

Disney Likely Sending Several Movies To Disney+ Instead of Theaters

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several of Disney's planned live action reboots might be sent directly to streaming instead of movie theaters. The films possibly headed to Disney+ include Peter Pan and Wendy, the Emma Stone-starring Cruella and Pinocchio, with Tom Hanks in the role of Geppetto, Pinocchio's father. (via Collider)

Matthew McConaughey Addresses Rumors About Running for Texas Governor

Spoiler alert: He has "no plans" to.

Celebrity Nude Photo Leaks

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