I am sure you have either gone to an escape room here in the Shreveport/ Bossier City area or at least seen a video about one on Facebook. They are really cool. The room is an entire puzzle that you have to find your way out of, but there is something making a big movement when it comes to therapy and stress relief that is very similar to an escape room.

It is called a rage room. According to ABC, they have been popular in Europe. Some have even opened in U.S., including Texas, Maryland and New York.

Apparently in the rage room you just destroy things and get out your aggression and any tension you may have burdening you. As someone who deals with stress and anxiety on a daily basis, I think this would be huge for our area. I good constructive way to let out steam- I am down!

The rage room located in Texas is called the "Anger Room". They mention on their website that you can "redirect your frustrations and take it out with us... safely".

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