Vintage Realty Company of Shreveport, was the victim of a "Phishing" scam that may have exposed current and former employees to identity theft.

Identity Theft
Planent, Flickr

According to the Shreveport Times,

two Vintage employees received emails, appearing to be from a principal at Vintage, requesting W-2 information about vintage employees. A Vintage employee replied to one of the requests and attached Vintage's 2015 and 2016 W-2s for all employees."

These w-2s contain full names, addresses, yearly income numbers, and social security numbers.  Basically, it's everything a criminal needs to open new credit card accounts, apply for all kinds of loans, and even assume a new identity in the victim's name.  To make matters worse, this situation isn't restricted to current employees.  If you worked for Vintage Realty in the past 2 years - you could be compromised as well.

If you are concerned that you may be a victim of this, or any other scam that puts your identity at risk, click here.  It's a how-to instructional manual from the Federal Trade Commission for how to protect yourself and get your identity back.

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