November of 2021 Pharmacy and Retail Giant CVS Announced That They Would Close 10% of its Stores.

The closing of stores started in spring of 2022 and the plan was to shut down about 900 stores, the closings would take place over the course of three years. Will we still be seeing closings into 2025?

In All the Reports CVS Never Named the Stores That Would Be Shut Down.

Why have so many CVS stores been put on the chopping block? We can thank online shopping for that. The closings are part of the CVS business model that is actively adjusting to the current retail climate.

An Employee at CVS Pharmacy on Mansfield Road in Shreveport Confirmed That the Store is Closing.

The big closing date is scheduled for July 10th, there is no word if there will be sales to help move product or if the product will just be moved to another store. If you get your prescriptions filled at 9194 Mansfield Road in Shreveport, make sure that you find a new pharmacy soon. The CVS Pharmacy on Mansfield suggests visiting the Pines Road location.

Since the signs was posted on the front door of the pharmacy several locally owned drug stores are coming out to ask locals to shop local instead. Headrick's Drug Store in Logansport asked community members to transfer their prescriptions and to support locally owned businesses.

Headrick's Drug Store said; "We’re sad to hear about the Shreveport CVS on Mansfield Road closing. This is a great time to transfer! If you’ve been getting your prescriptions filled in Shreveport just transfer to Headrick’s Drug Store, today!
Move closer, move locally, transfer to Headrick’s Drug Store!"

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