This video is easily our most popular of all time and it features a graduating senior from the Shreveport, LA area... Mansfield to be exact, on her special day.

With graduation season upon us, let's rewind to 2015 when a lovely young woman was ready for the biggest day of her life thus far... and suffered a ginormous wardrobe fail. Bless her heart, we've all done it, just not so publicly.

Remember your graduation day? If you're like most, you were pretty proud of yourself and your accomplishment, and your whole family got dressed up to watch you receive your diploma looking all spiffy in your cap and gown. Sadly, in your graduation gown, the only thing you can really see is your shoes, and that's where most girls go all out... just like poor Jasmine Williams did... and paid the price in internet fame.

What resulted was possibly the longest fall of all time and widespread notoriety. Thankfully, she finds the whole incident funny as well and has been a good sport about it.

Now, before you get all mad because we shared this internet gold again, Jasmine is cool with it and even came into our studios to talk about the incident. We could seriously watch this video a hundred more times and still find it funny. Thank you for being awesome, Jasmine!

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