Matt Moss is a student here in town at LSUS. He lives here in Shreveport, but comes from Lake Charles.

Now before we get into the details, let me start by saying this.... I'm not a hunter. At all. In any way. Only shot a gun once and it was an air-soft gun. So if I sound like a hunting novice, don't make fun of me, I AM A HUNTING NOVICE.

Now... To the deer.

My man Matt and his twin brother Brent went out on a hunt in Jefferson County, Mississippi. On the morning of Dec 29th, they decided to take a little risk.

They wanted to hunt at a different stand. Matt just had a good feeling about this stand, and they decided to go for it.

You know if they came up empty handed, they would of been kicking themselves all the way back to Lake Charles. The move paid off... BIG TIME.

Matt took down one of the largest bucks in Mississippi history. With the gross score of 216 6/8 inches, this thing is a monster.

Check out the full article and see an up-close picture of the giant deer here.