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I get it, sometimes we all lose our cool, but there are definitely some lines you shouldn't cross.  Take the case of Michael McClanahan.  Sure, we've all got into a fight with our significant other, but trying to burn down a house then threatening Deputy Fire Marshalls with an axe is no way to go through life - plus, it's very illegal.

According to KTBS, early on Friday Mr. McClanahan allegedly had a fight with with his live-in girlfriend that escalated to involve a second couple that lived in a building on the same property.  Reportedly, everyone left - but when that second couple came back to retrieve their belongings they discovered evidence of a "small fire" in the kitchen.

Firefighters with Caddo Fire District No. 3 called in the Fire Marshall to help with the investigation.  They determined that the fire was intentionally set, making it a felony.  Officials found nearby, but when they attempted to apprehend him - he allegedly threatened them with an axe!

According to the official statement from the Fire Marshall's office, the suspect surrendered peacefully after a brief but tense confrontation.  McClanahan was arrested, charged with a single count of simple arson and two counts of aggravated assault on a peace officer (for the whole axe thing), and booked into the Caddo Correctional Center.  He could be facing additional charges.

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