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Look...this has been a joke for a little while, but it's getting to the point of being ridiculous. This past weekend, another car drove into the front of the Blind Tiger restaurant.

This has been a very regular event over the last few years. Dating back to 2017 when it happened in the middle of a Thursday afternoon. It then happened again 2 months after that.

After more close calls and collisions, a bus actually plowed into the pillars for the Red River District directly in front of the Blind Tiger.

Looking over social media's reaction to the repeated accidents, there's a common thread. Sure, people are upset about it, and people don't care about the business as well. But the common thread is that the people of Shreveport don't expect anything to be done.

In fact, the post from the Shreveport Downtown Development Authority mentions something along these lines too. Their quote was:

"We have been advocating for bollards on this corner and are still awaiting city/state approval/agreement. Hopefully, we will see that agreement soon."

Which goes along with what a lot of social media commenters have been referencing around Shreveport. People mention things like "someone will have to die before there's a change" or "this city will never fix anything", or calling the city "a joke". The expectations are that no matter how many cars, or busses, plow into the front of that building, the city of Shreveport won't take steps to fix the issue.

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