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With the long and depressing list of things that have been cancelled in 2020, it sure is nice to see an event actually coming to Shreveport.  That's exactly what is happening with the 2020 USA Boxing National Championships.  

The good news for us isn't all sunshine and roses, however.  The championship was slated to be held in Lake Charles this year, but due to the heartbreaking devastation in that area of Louisiana thanks to hurricane Laura - officials had to make the tough choice to move the event to Shreveport.

In an interview with boxingscene.com,  USA Boxing Events and Operations Manager Michael Campbell had this to say:

"Hurricane Laura wreaked havoc on the city of Lake Charles and rendered their Civic Center inhospitable for this year's National Championships.  This came on top of the pandemic which already nearly wiped out the 2020 National Tournament calendar ... Shreveport stepped up quickly to provide us a great alternative within the same footprint as the planned event, therefore we could keep our same scheduled dates and remain in the great state of Louisiana. Shreveport will provide good accessibility, weather and hospitality for our members and their Convention Center will be ideal for the implementation of our #BackToBoxing protocols that are designed to ensure the safety of our boxers, coaches, officials and members of the community."

The event is slated for December 5th through the 2th at the Shreveport Convention Center.

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