What a fabulous tradition Shreveport Derby Day is turning into!

This past weekend was my first experience with Derby Day in Shreveport and it was absolutely spectacular. Roughly 1,000 people gathered to eat, drink, mingle and watch the Kentucky Derby. Norton Art Gallery served as the perfect venue with a beautiful green lawn and tall trees that created a canopy of shade for all in attendance.

Lunch was served by Rhino Coffee; tender steak and lamb served with a myriad of sauces, artichoke dip and bread, rolls, and shrimp and oysters. Plus, Buttercups Cupcakes was on hand with delectable cupcake bites and macaroons. All of it finished off with tradition mint juleps and Lily Roses (not Zulily Roses as I called them... Must be an online shopping addiction). Cigars were available as well as craft beer from Great Raft.

And everyone dressed the part with large hats, pastel coats and more.

Everyone mingled and made bets on the horses they favored with raffle tickets. Everyone rushing to get their tickets into the Nyquist bucket before the race began. Obviously he was a favorite for a reason as he remained undefeated taking the Kentucky Derby crown.

There was live music, a Best Dressed contest, and prizes to be won. All around a fabulous day "at the races."

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