Warning: This post may cause you to salivate and consume every sweet in sight.

I have had a a terrible sweet tooth in the last few weeks. If it's chocolate, you can consider it gone. If it's deep-fried and glazed, you might as well just tape it to my thighs. I simply can't get enough of the sugar these days. And it's not just food items. It's also the eggnog, holiday coffee creamers, and delectable Christmas beverages.

Good news is that I'm not alone.

Shreveport has been on its own sweet tooth kick right alongside me. We have compiled a list of the sugary items our lovely city is craving the most this time of year. This is based entirely on your Internet searches over the holiday season, a.k.a. since Halloween. You may see some of your favorite trouble-making treats on this list.

Here are the top sweets we're craving this Christmas:

10. Toffee
9. Oreo
8. Candy Cane
7. M&M's
6. Gummy Bears
5. Caramel
4. Peanut Butter
3. Fudge
2. Doughnuts
1. Chocolate

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