Phoenix (minus the Underground) has officially announced their grand opening.

Months ago, the then-dormant Facebook page belonging to Phoenix Underground shared a cryptic status to Facebook. The status was short and sweet, but was more than enough to get the city of Shreveport hoping for the borderline-unthinkable.

Phoenix Underground's return.

The status itself was just two words, reading, "Guess what?" but that was enough to immediately light the flame of interest and intrigue. I wrote an article that day that speculated if Phoenix Underground was indeed returning, it would be sooner rather than later. After all, there's no way the return of the most iconic Shreveport nightclub would miss out on the biggest ight, of the year, that being New Years Eve.

Of course, shortly after our first article, the news was confirmed that Phoenix Underground was officially back, albeit not underground any longer. The page belonging to Phoenix Underground quickly changed it's name to "Phoenix 2.0" and changed their address to 400 Commerce Street. That address, of course, is a well-known Shreveport nightlife destination and has been ever since you can remember. Years ago, that address belonged to the historic Shreveport nightclub, Bricktown, which later became Kokopellis.

Now, especially lately, social media has been flooded with pictures and teasers of the return of Phoenix. Now, we have an official grand opening date.

Phoenix announced today that they will be opening their doors to their newly renovated nightclub this week. They'll be open for the very first time this Thursday, December 23rd. They will not be open on December 24th, but will be open on Saturday AKA Christmas day. In an awesome way, it feels like a Christmas gift to the city of Shreveport and surrounding areas, a part of the the region that hasn't had a viable nightclub since Phoenix Underground closed down years ago.

Phoenix will be open at 400 Commerce this week on Thursday and Saturday, and is already nearing a sell-out for their New Years Eve party.

Finally, Shreveport has it's nightclub back, and that's worth celebrating.

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