I shared this personal story with friends last week, and wanted to tell you all about it as well.

Here’s a single dad’s story about Tea Party day.

Last week featured Tea Party day at my oldest daughter’s school. Of course my daughter, River, didn’t tell me about it until the day before. I was panicking. If there’s one thing I’m terrible at, it’s girly things that are important to my girls.

Naturally, I took to Google. “What do girls wear at Tea Parties?” Great. 10 million things pop up and none of them look like anything I have in my house. Quickly made a run to the store, and sent pictures of outfits and combinations to every female in my phone book for approval.

Finally landed on one. Sweet white-blue dress. Nice floppy hat. Flower-themed leggings. Thin short-sleeve overcoat thing. Perfect white shoes. I am super dad at this point, in my eyes.

River approves. I was worried about that, because my daughter is the pickiest woman on the planet, and I had internally planned on two-three trips to the store.

We wake up this morning and get dressed. It’s show-time. My girl is looking like a million bucks. Prancing around the house, giving me all the hugs imaginable. I’m pretty much on cloud nine. We get to school at 8. Tea Party starts at 9.

Crap. Her best friend walks in and I already know what comes next. The bestie was dressed slightly different. She had on very pretty white high heels, with a set of pearl necklaces. As they’re talking, River looks at me and asks if I have high heels and pearls in the car for her.

Of course, I say absolutely I do baby. Knowing full-well I’ve never owned kid’s high heels or pearls. 30 min to showtime and I tell her to wait right here and I’ll run to the car. Let me say, “run” was an understatement. I ran a 4.4 fourty on the way to my car. Walmart is nearby.

I whip into Walmart without a care in the world. I could have hit three buggies and a motorized cart and wouldn’t have noticed. Sprint in there and quickly track down a set of beautiful pearls like a basset hound. Next, you better believe I found size 12 high heels in .2 seconds.

Race back to school, run in like a faster version of Usain Bolt. Run to the back of the auditorium and there she is, my baby, my princess. As she’s walking in, we were able to pull of the shoe-switch and the quick pearl delivery. She smiled and kissed me on the cheek. My heart.

She’s perfect, and I’m glad her Tea Party day was too.


River's Tea Party

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