If the latest news in irony is what the love, the story is about as ironic as it gets.

In Dubai, you'll find many of the most beautiful sighs human eyes have ever seen. The cars are gorgeous, the landscape is stunning, and the towers are... Well, towering.

One skyscraper, however, has been known not for it's beauty, but for it's ironic namesake.

The tower is named "The Torch" and it has now caught on fire.... AGAIN!

Believe it or not, The Torch has actually been under renovations since 2015, when it caught fire the first time! Luckily, no one was hurt in the blaze back in 2015, and since the building was still under renovations, no one was hurt in this fire either.

Personally if I owned to huge, flammable building, I would tear it down immediately and build another one called "The Perfect Tower That Never Ever Catches On Fire".

Check out the fiery footage!