The band Smash Mouth, known for one hit found on the Shrek soundtrack, is taking on FM radio and talkative DJ's.

It has been an interesting week if you're a radio DJ. Mostly everyone in our industry has said the words "Smash Mouth" for the first time since the early 2000's this week. The band behind the classic song "All-Star" took to Twitter this week to start a war with radio stations and DJ's across the country.

Now, you would think the band would be complaining about lack of coverage, exposure, or spins, because all of those things would make sense for a group like the forgotten Smash Mouth to take issue with. In reality, their complaint was much more random and out of left field.

They were actually complaining about radio DJ's who talk over the intros of songs.

Now, just so we're clear, we're not talking about DJ's who talk over the actual vocals of a song. I think we all can agree that DJ's who talk over vocals in a song are the worst. What Smash Mouth is complaining about is actually a technique called "hitting the post".

To successfully hit the post, a DJ will talk over the instrumental portion of a song's intro and will get out of his/her break just as the vocals begin. This is a technique that has been taught and mastered in the radio world since the dawn of the industry. Granted, some DJ's do not hit the post, and that's their prerogative. Most, though, are required to hit the post as often as possible. DJ's do this to continue the build and momentum of the music they are playing. This also subliminally tells a radio listener that another song is coming and commercials are no where in sight.

Now, to be fair, hitting the post is more important is some formats than it is in others.

Despite their one hit being playing constantly on radio stations across the nation since it's popularity exploded upon it's inclusion in Shrek, this technique is apparently new to the band and they are not fans at all.

Check out their original tweet, as well as their follow-up tweets below.



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