Over the years, we have seen Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. (AKA Snoop Dogg) wear a lot of hats.  Straight-up gangster, hip-hop artist extraordinaire, lover of Game of Thrones, best friend of Martha Stewart and Matthew McConaughey - really, the list goes on and on.  Now, we can add the title of "Lullaby Maestro" to that list as the d-oh-double-g has moved into the business of getting your kids ready for night-night.

The Source is reporting that the founder of the Dogg Pound is now working with Rockabye Baby! Musicand together they have released "Lullaby Renditions of Snoop Dogg"  

This more-likely-than-you-think collaboration will take some of Snoop's biggest hits, scrub the violence and vulgarity out of the lyrics (achieved by removing the lyrics all together) and run them through the children's instrument section of the music store to produce the sweetest beats for your little thug to drift off to the dream hood to.  Can you imagine how low the diapers will sag when you turn on the marimba and toy piano versions of “Drop It Like It’s Hot,” “Gin and Juice,” and “Sensual Seduction?"

The folks at Rockabye have already successfully tackled music from Drake, Imagine Dragons, and tons more.  Before you immediately dismiss this idea, just think about how many times you've heard Baby Shark or the theme for Paw Patrol.  Wouldn't it be nice to rock your little bundle of joy to sleep while you whisper the words "Snoop Doggy-do-oooowwwawawg - bow-wow." under your breath?

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