If there's one thing on planet Earth that I would never do, it's mess with a bear.

Of course, this video features the only people in the world I would expect to see messing with a bear... Russians.

Not only are they pretty nifty when it comes to Facebook, but they also aren't afraid of anything. These two proved just that as they drove around a massive bear in snowmobiles.

The 'official' story is that these two were trying to drive away the bear from their camp, although 99% of the internet believed they were simply messing with this beastly monster. In the clip, you see both snowmobilers driving incredibly close to the sprinting bear.

Finally, this monster had had enough. In the blink of an eye, the bear turns and lunges at one of the drivers. You can see it's enormous paw setting up what could be a truly fatal blow.

Luckily, somehow, the driver avoided it. Hopefully they left the bear alone after this.


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