When he takes your hand in his hand is he thinking about how soft, sexy, and supple your hands are? Or is he thinking,"My gosh she must be lumberjack or Norwegian fisherman in her spare time!"

Unless you're sporting a nifty flannel shirt or you answer to the name Olaf, you probably wouldn't feel good about that analogy.

I believe you're looking for, softer, supple, sexy hands. Well there is an art to softer seductive hands and since this is the season for just the right touch I thought you'd like to know.

It's important to always choose a hand cream for the hands and leave the body lotions and facial lotions for their own specific regions. Your hands will thank you!

Those words of wisdom come to you from the Hand Cream Resource Center. To be transparent they are in the business of selling hand creams to consumers. There is a difference in lotions for different parts of the body.

The hands are exposed to things like detergents, soaps, cold air, and paper cuts far more often than other body parts. The hands are often cleansed of their natural oils several times a day. The right hand cream can replenish and rejuvenate your hands so they feel soft and supple the way you want them to feel.

Don't be fooled into thinking that all hand creams are the same. There are creams with sunscreen and antioxidants. There are hand creams that specifically take on the malady of dry skin. There are also creams that you can use if you don't want your hands to feel greasy but still want them to feel soft.  You can even find hand creams that will strengthen your fingernails.

Fellows with Valentine's Day fast approaching you can't go wrong with a great gift that makes her feel like a lady. Ladies if you don't feel like a lady, literally, then take a moment to explore some of the options we've offered in this narrative. Here's to the idea of holding hands. It still feels special when the right hand is in your hand.


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