Yep! Could you imagine being saddled with the name 'Mittens?' That would be a cruel, cruel joke if it were true! According to a recent survey, 2% of real life American voters thought Mitt's name was indeed short for Mittens

What is he? A pet cat? As it turns out, Mitt Romney's real name is actually Willard. I'll be honest, I didn't actually know that, but Google is a wonderful thing! How do you get 'Mitt' out of 'Willard?' I'm not clear on that either, but the survey further states that another 2% thought his name was 'Gromit.' Yes, that's Gromit as in Wallace and Gromit.

I concede, this is pretty silly thing to write about the day after the Iowa Caucus. But, when you only edge the competition out by eight votes, I'm thinking people actually knowing who you are is probably pretty important with a Presidential Election looming.