Talk about the best ever afternoon pick-me-up. Do you just want to take a nap at work around 1:00? Pretty sure your boss is a lot like mine and refuses to pay you to sleep on the job. Sonic has announced that they will have Red Bull Slushes from April 29th to June. Hey anything is better than that pickle slush that they had out last summer. I am definitely happy they did away with that one. We know that the two red bull slush flavors will be Original Red Bull and Cherry Limeade Red Bull.

According to People "While the regular slush tastes just like your standard can of Red Bull, the Cherry Limeade has fresh squeezed lime juice mixed in, and a lime slice and cherry on top. Fancy!" When this cold front goes away, we are thinking we can bring those Red Bull Slushes to the next crawfish boil and mix some vodka into the iconic Sonic cup. Vodka Sonic Red Bull Slush? We love this idea!

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