My heart nearly exploded when I saw the news this morning...

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According to TMZ, Cosmopolitan, and every other news source, The Spice Girls will be going on tour "in late summer"! They will start in the U.K. and then make their way to the good ole U.S.A.

I nearly screamed and woke up my entire apartment complex when I was swiping through my phone while still in bed this morning.

According to Cosmopolitan, during their super secret meeting last week they were planning some "opportunities" for themselves in the future. Some of those "opportunities" included television series, merchandise, but the big one was the new reunion tour.

Now they haven't released the entire list of stops on their tour just yet, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that they make their way to Dallas or New Orleans on the U.S. side of their world tour.

TMZ also reports that their is no sign of new music or a Vegas residency. I don't even care! I am just happy that the girls are back together and touring again.