Damn, Nature, you crazy!

My thoughts exactly as I watched one of the most incredible, unbelievable nature video in recent memory.

Of course wild animals out in nature are truly unforgiving. It's an eat or be eaten world out there, and sometimes, cameras capture incredible footage of these beasts in action.

This particular clip has gone viral, and it was shot at a safari park in Tanzania. I didn't even know Tanzania existed until I stumbled upon this video, but let's be honest, Tanzania sounds like a pretty terrifying place.

In the footage, we see a stork chilling in tall grass, minding his own business. Little did know, he was about to (almost) become big cat food.

out of no where, a Leopard leaps out of the grass, trying to snatch the big bird.

Luckily for the bird, he come up mere inches short.

Check this out!


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