Every year my mother-in-law to be gets my dog Olive a present for Christmas. Why lie, Olive, LOVES her presents from her Gigi. I am working on her saying "thank you" before she takes her present and bolts to the other room.

Seriously, your non-dog loving friends won't get as many presents as your nana's dog. According to a new survey published by YouGov.com pets were almost as popular as friends when it comes to gift-giving.

37% of us will gift our friends with the perfect gift and 31% of us will also get gifts for our pets and family pets. Turns out we don't love our co-workers nearly as much as our pets.  Only 13% of us will get a present for our brown-nosing co-worker. (What a surprise.)

I took the liberty of looking for some gifts for your best friend with four legs.

Mess with their head just a tad.

Here is my dog's personal favorite toy of all time.

For the retriever in your life.

For the busy dog.

So you think your dog is smart?

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