Every now and then, a video pops up in your news feed that simply makes your day.

Thanks to my friend DJ Digital in Lafayette, I stumbled upon this and have been smiling ever since. As a father of two baby girls, one who is downright dangerous with a marker, I can totally relate.

Amielle is a sweetheart, probably four or five years old, with an apparent passion for writing her name on anything she can.

Amielle's mother, Anne Marie, caught wind of her youngest daughter's shenanigans when her oldest daughter came to the laundry room to bring it to her attention.

Anne Marie quickly made it to the kitchen to find little Amielle imitating Picasso with the family cat as her canvas. She was caught red handed, drawing her name on the cat who didn't seem to mind the new paint job.

When Anne Marie questioned her youngest, Amielle somehow denied the allegations. Even though her mom saw her do it. Even though her name was on the cat. And even though she was still holding the marker.

In fact, she even blamed the cat-graffiti on the older sister!

You have to see this video!!



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