Friday Night Lights Week 6 [PICS]
Last Friday night, I finally had a chance to break out and see what Friday Night Lights was all about. I joined Daniel Payne and we hit the road for the winning schools/games. We went to Haughton for Haughton vs. Byrd and Benton for Benton vs. Huntington. Talk about a humbling experience.
Wildwood Farm Hunter/Jumper Show This Weekend (PICS)
Nothing gets me quite as excited as a horse show and since the Wildwood Farm show is today and tomorrow (Saturday) at Holly Hill in Benton AND I'm announcing, I'm doubly excited. The only thing that could top it would be if I were able to announce from horseback, but I haven't qu…
Prom And Graduation Season Is HERE!
Saturday night, Ernest's was full of Prom goers and this Saturday, they'll be taking over restaurants all over the SBC! Here's the schedule of proms, graduations and final days of classes for 2012 in the SBC!