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Lady Gaga Was Almost David S. Pumpkins’ Wife on ‘SNL’
It’s hard to imagine the bizarre simplicity of SNL’s David Pumpkins sketch taking a week to write, but the character went through a great many revisions. One year out from the beloved Tom Hanks character’s debut, a new oral history reveals surprising details of the “Haunted Elevator” sketch, including a cut role for Lady Gaga.
SNL’s ‘Star Wars’ Toy Ad Reminds You Who’s Really Buying All Those Toys
Sure, there are lots of kids and teens buying Star Wars: The Force Awakens toys, but a long, long time ago in a galaxy that is actually this one, Star Wars belonged to another group of nerds — and those nerds are not going to let today’s kids take ownership of their fandom so easily, especially when these kids don’t know that action figures should STAY. IN. THE. BOX.
Chris Rock ‘SNL’ Promos (VIDEO)
And another former "SNL" castmember returns. Chris Rock will host this week's episode of "Saturday Night Live" with musical guest Prince, who will perform a full eight-minute set. Here, Rock hits the streets of New York with castmember Bobby Moynihan telling us what (or what not) to expect this week...

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