Calling All Crazy Cat Ladies!
Los Angeles, California just opened their first cat cafe. No joke, this is amazing! Not only for all the crazy cat ladies like me out there, but for the animal shelters that are involved with this cat cafe. I love the fact that the cats are adoptable and that they have Kitten Parties...
The Daily Aww: Featuring Wesley
Wesley is a cat that enjoys being in the bath tub. A bath tub that has water in it. A cat ... sat for at least 2 minutes in a tub of water and somehow did not claw / kill it's owner. My mind is blown.
Watch this boring yet hypnotizing video of a cat chilling in a tub of water. (A couple of pics …
The Daily Aww: Featuring Cheese the Cat Pirate
Meet a cat named Cheese, Cheese is a cat who is missing an eye and ear. Cheese's owner explained "actually, that is one of the reasons why we got him. When seeing him at the rescue stand, so many people were saying things like 'Ew! I wouldn't want a cat with only one eye or e…
The Daily Aww: Featuring Beatrice
Today's aww feature's Beatrice a crazy cat who loves to play and nap! Who doesn't love playing with a sweet kitty with HUGE eyes! Check out todays fluffy bundle of joy, Beatrice!

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