Will SXSW Leave Texas?
It should come as no surprise that the week long dip into the deep end of the hip pool is coveted across the land. Other cities would like to have the precious, and are using the controversial new "Anti-sanctuary city" law, also known as SB4 to further their means.
Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves
On the Internet, people can be down right mean. And just because you're famous doesn't get you a pass. Here are some celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Andy Samberg and Jessica Alba reading some of the meanest tweets you'll ever see.
Can You Guess the Celebrity in This Yearbook Photo?
He might be a big time singer now, but the boy bander in this yearbook photo was always a big time cutie! Can you figure out who he is?
Getting his start on a wildly successful Nickelodeon series, this super dreamy pop star, who was raised in Florida, quickly shot to international fame...
Mosaic Artist Creates Celebrity Portraits from Trash
Mosaic artist Jason Mecier believes when you call a celebrity “trashy,” you should mean it.
As part of his Celebrity Junkdrawers collection, Mecier makes incredibly creative portraits of stars using things the rest of us would normally throw away (one man’s…