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20 Movie Co-Stars Who Couldn’t Stand Each Other
If you read a headline today about how much Tommy Lee Jones hated working with Jim Carrey in Batman Forever and thought it sounded familiar, that’s because you’ve definitely heard this one before. Back in 2014, Carrey made an appearance on Howard Stern’s show, where he revealed that the famously prickly Jones was extra-prickly on the set of Joel Schumacher’s notorious Batman sequel. Apparently Carrey still isn’t over it because he re-told the story on this week’s episode of Norm Macdonald Live. In honor (?) of Carrey’s inability to just let this one go already, here are 20 more co-stars who really couldn’t stand working together.
‘Brigsby Bear’ Teaser Stars Kyle Mooney, Mark Hamill, and a Stuffed Bear
One of the unexpected delights of this past Sundance Film Festival was Brigsby Bear, whose bizarre humor from star Kyle Mooney (yes, SNL’s Kyle Mooney) charmed audiences and critics alike. It’s about a young lad raised in isolation, whose only connection to the rest of the world outside his family is a TV show about a stuffed bear who goes on adventures. One day, the show suddenly ends, and Mooney must go in search of Brigsby Bear’s conclusion.
Claire Danes Expecting
"Homeland" star Claire Danes is expecting her first child with husband Hugh Dancy, according to the actress' rep.