Testing Ginger's Hair Color at Caddo Paint
Today we got to hangout with the awesome people at Caddo Paint. The entire morning show got to meet everyone and see what all they had to offer. Check out the video below to see what kind of shenanigans we got into.
A Case of Bear-aking and Entering #sorrynotsorry
Here's a wild video that makes me glad I live in Louisiana ... a bear cub some how managed to get trapped inside of a person's garage. Mama bear does what mama bears do, ripped the garage door open to save her baby. Yikes!
Guy Loses Game Then Smashes Monitor
I've played video games since I was a kid. You know what I do when I get frustrated at a level or game. I throw it away. I never play it again. I've never understood people who need to break things. This guy has some anger management issues. He breaks his wall, smashes his keyboard and bre…
Insane Ride Down Mountain
I don't mean to brag but I know how to ride a bike, no training wheels or nothing! I obviously can do what this guy is doing ... riding down the side of a mountain falling 7-10 feet at a time. I'll admit it ... my butt clinched a few times...
Singer Eats A Microphone Literally
I do a whole lot of public speaking, and I like having the microphone close to my mouth. I usually keep it a thumbs-breath from my mouth. Seeing this video of a a dancer fall into a mic stand and the singer swallows the microphone makes me reassess how I hold a mic.
Guy Jumps Out Of Airplane, Lands On Mountain.
When I started watching this video I said oh neat I would like to go sky diving. The further into the video I got the more I kept saying "This guy is going to die. ... Oh my gosh, this guy is dead." ... Needless to say I don't want to go skydiving anymore...

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