Flight Attendant Dances to Uptown Funk
When you're sitting on a plane waiting for take off it can get a little boring. One flight attendant had a way to break up the monotony, she started dancing to the Mark Ronson - Bruno Mars hit song Uptown Funk, and it's awesome.
Watch this Crazy Video of a One Legged Man Break Dancing!
Man talk about inspirational. Get out on the dance floor and let it all loose! Here's a video of a guy with one leg doing the SICKEST break dance you'll ever see. The part that blew my mind is when he threw his crutches down while in the air and started dancing on his hands...
This Guy Is PUMPED About the Ice Cream Truck
Man there's nothing better on a hot humid summer day in the SBC than hearing that magical ice cream truck music. I can honestly say I get a bit giddy hearing it. I'll also add I've never been as happy as this guy is. Watch him dancing and twerking to the sweet sounds of summer...

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